Saint John Neumann House,

The residence and Spiritual Center

Minburi building

The St. John Neumann Community of Minburi was opened by Rescript from Rome on May 7, 1999 . The appointments of the New Community of St. John Neumann were made by the Vice Provincial Council to take effect between May 15 and May 30, 1999 . The first Superior was Father Leo Travis. The community members were Father Chuchart Srivichairatana, Father Joseph Apisit Kritsaralam, and brother Rachit.

The main apostolate of this community is the care of our Redemptorist international school called Ruamrudee International. Redemptorists took care of this International School as a sub-community of Holy Redeemer Community, Bangkok for several years. The school buildings were completed under the tireless effort of Father Tom Griffith, the Director of the school. In 1992 he began moving the total school of books, equipment, to open the school year of 1992-1993 on this new campus of Minburi. Father Griffith died on August 24, 1993 , just days before an official Blessing of the Campus by Cardinal Meechai with the presence of Royal representatives and dignitaries from the Foreign Ministry, along with countless guests. Father Charles Beierwaltes took over to be Director of the School replacing the deceased Father Griffith. Father Paul Nettham was also a member of this sub-community, traveling back and forth to Holy Redeemer frequently. He was joined by Father Apisit Kritsaralam. In June of 1996 Father Travis took the place of Father Beierwaltes. We continued to be a sub-community under the Rector of Holy Redeemer Church, Bangkok .

Father Travis served as Director of the school from- 1996 until 2002.

Father John Chuchart Srivichairatana was elected Vice Provincial on February 19, 2002 . With his election the plan to have a separate community at Minburi was confirmed. We became the St. John Neumann Community, Minburi. On March 18th the Vice Provincial Council met to designate the new Rectors of Communities. Father Apisit Kritsaralam became the first Rector of this new Community. There was a time of "grace" before these appointments needed to be implemented.

Father Apisit Kritsaralam took his Oath of Office as the Director and Rector on May 1, 2002 . Father Chuchart Srivichairatana, Vice Provincial, decided that his residence would be at St. John Neumann House. The other members of the community at this time were Father Leo Travis, Father John Wirach Amonpattana. Two other priests who are studying abroad were also appointed to be members of our community: Father Phaiboon Udomdej and Father Peter Pattaraphong Srivorakul. Two Brothers belong to the Minburi Community : Brother Joseph Sakkiat Janluechai and Brother Paul Sangkhom Ampaipipat. The Fathers working in the Chiangmai Diocese were also members of this Minburi Community. These three priests were: Father Peter Inthi Saisawang, pastor of Nan , Father Raymond Prasit Kunu, pastor of Mae Chaem, and Father Davidjieng Ketsurin, caring for the Hmong work.


On September 27, 2004 , Father John Chuchart Srivichairatana submitted his resignation as Vice Provincial to the Extraordinary Vice Provincial Council. Father Joseph Apisit Kritsaralam was asked by the Council to take over immediately. Father Apisit's appointment as the Vice Provincial was authorized almost immediately from Denver and Rome . Father Leo Travis was appointed to be the new Rector of the community. the new House Consultors were chosen to be: Father John Wirach Amonpattana, Vicar and 1 st Consultor; Father James Thanu Krathong, 2nd Consultor.

During the Elective Chapter of November 29- December 2, 2004 , Father Joseph Apisit was elected to be Vice Provincial for a three year term. Father John Wirach Amonpattana became the Director of Ruamrudee International School. Father Davidjieng Ketsurin and Father Paul Sukhum Thanasingha became permanent members of the community at this time to prepare to be Assistant Directors in Ruamrudee International School . Father Peter Inthi Saisawang and Father Joseph Vallope Chamnaiphol are stationed in Minburi temporarily.

Our Community became very active after the Tsunami on December 26, 2004 . Brother Sakkiet went to the site and stayed there for a couple of months. Father Apisit went to view the work and visit the people also. Our schools became very involved with gathering clothing and donations. Some teachers and students visited the site also.

Another program of the community was called "Peace in the Mekong River Region", spearheaded by Father Apisit. Visits and programs were arranged here at our school and at other sites of importance in Nongkhai , Vietnam , Cambodia , Burma and China .

To begin celebration of the 50th anniversary of Ruamrudee International School a great program of opening 50 "Learning Centers" in prisons around Thailand . As this report is being written several of these Learning Centers are already being used in prisons. One room at the prison is prepared with computers, library, and other facilities for learning.